Sunday, November 12, 2006

Somewhere only we know - Keane

Due to popular demand*, i've given up on me WordPress blog started blogging again in blogspot. Go here if you are interested.

* Ok, ok. There was only one demand - but it came from a popular person! ;-)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland - Jewel

Just like the many posts herein in recent times, the past few weeks have been like the last half hour of “Return of the King” – so many endings and goodbyes! But this is it. This is the end.

In 2004, I did something which many thought was crazy – I gave up my job as the junior partner of a legal firm with the intention of leaving the legal profession for good and resuming my studies.

Although the path then was not smooth – I have to admit that there were moments when I feared that I may regret my decision – I finally started my Masters’ degree programme here in autumn of 2005. In a way, I took the “blue pill” and the challenge to see where the rabbit-hole would lead me to. Just like Alice, nothing would have prepared me for the adventure that was waiting for me.

I moved in to Rayleigh Tower 11 in October 2005 – and I started on this blog. Today, after more than one year and close to 500 posts in this blog, I will move out of Rayleigh Tower for good – and move out of this blog too.

The year has been… words fail me now (considering the 400 plus posts before this, you have to trust me when I say that it’s seldom I’m lost for words). All the superlatives I can think of now seem so inadequate. After being on this terrestrial ball for more than 3 decades, I thought I have had experienced it all. I couldn’t have been further away from the truth.

What can I say? This is the life! I’m living again. I’ve never felt so alive for so long.

But just like almost everything else, this journey must reach its conclusion. I’ve delayed it long enough – and I’ve resisted the temptation to delay it even further. It has been brilliant. Now it’s time for a new adventure, a new journey, a new story… a new blog.

I have decided to call the curtains for this blog too as I needed some sort of closure. A part of me has been struggling in the recent weeks to cling on to the last vistas of good times and memories. It was kinda like coming to the end of “The Return of the King” and not wanting to end knowing that there won’t be a part 4 next December. It may be like how Peter (not Jackson) felt on the Mount of Transfiguration – how he wanted to set up tents so that they could stay there for a while longer.

But later today, I’ll walk out of Rayleigh Tower for good – I’ll be back as a visitor but that won’t be the same.

So as I sit all alone here in the kitchen, drinking Tesco coffee and enjoying the night view of the lake like I’ve always had almost every night in the past 380 days, I will not cry knowing it is my last nite but instead, my heart is filled with joy as I think of the knowledge gained, of the lessons learnt, of the frenships made – and strengthened, of the happiness experienced, of the tears shed, of the love received and shared, of the life lived!

I thank God for mapping out the route for me – truly:-

“eyes has not seen, nor ear heard,
nor have entered into the heart of man
the things which God has prepared for those who love him”

I thank me family for being so supportive of me studies here.

And I thank you for going down deep into the rabbit-hole with me. It’s goodbye now.

p/s – My new blog is
The Movie in My Mind. However, with the extensive travelling and lack of internet facilities, it may be a while before it is “business as usual” there.

p/p/s – I have the right to be narcissistic, dun I? It is the final opportunity for me to be so! So check out my pictorial recap of the year here in Rayleigh Tower in
Pieces of Me.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

謝謝你的愛 - 李心潔

Behold the man upon a cross, my sin upon his shoulders
Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice call out among the scoffers
It was my sin that held him there until it was accomplished
His dying breath has brought me life; I know that it is finished
Stuart Townend


Saturday, October 14, 2006

I feel good - James Brown

Extract from a mate's recent e-mail*:-

Btw, you should know that the yr as a student has done you good. You look younger and fitter! The benefits of no longer being exposed to your previous profession's occupational hazards?;)

Pic on the left taken in October 2005 while the one on the right in October 2006

* Yes, yes, Ru, i know i owe you a reply...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hard habit to break - Chicago

For the more observant blog readers, you'd noticed not one but 2 NEW BLOGS listed in the links by the side of this blog!

One is a new photoblog entitled "Signs" while the other is my dissertation (linked under Rambler's Studies).

It was encouraging recently to hear that there are some people whom i have never met before who actually read me blogs listed under "Rambler's Studies". The LLM course in Internatinal Human Rights law has enriched me greatly and i hope that whatever i post in those said blogs will be of some use to others.

Cheers... and enjoy! :-)

I say a little prayer - Dionne Warwick

Today, the sun was out all day and there was a light breeze to ensure it din get too hot.

Today, my greatest nightmare happened to a good fren.

How can such a lovely day bring such terrible news? :-(

My prayers are with you, H.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sometimes when we touch - Dan Hill

Lincoln Rhyme surveyed the machinery. Wondered what it be like to actually close his fingers around an object again. With his left ring finger he could touch and had a faint sense of pressure. But actually gripping something, feeling its texture, weight, temperature … those were unimaginable.

The Empty Chair

I've been working this whole week They decided to put me in charge of the Coffee Cart at the LTB Building*. Me in charge of the Coffee Cart! ROTFL!!!!!! It's like asking the cat to guard the fish or putting the mouse in charge of the cheese! ;-P

I simply love it! Besides the obvious (yes, i am officially allowed to drink as much as i like), this is easy money!!!! The just desserts after last week of days when i had 6 hours straight of pot washing duties!!!

Out of the 5 1/2 hours i'm there, i prolly only work like an hour. The rest of the time, i get to sit and read!!! Yes, i get paid (6.30 quid an hour, mind you!) to sit and read and drink coffee! And when it's time to sell coffee, i get to chat with strangers. Woohoo!!!!

I'm reading this old e-book i have in me PDA. Some crime story. It reminds me a lot of "The Bone Collector" where the criminalogist (Lincoln Rhymes) is a paraplegic and he gets a lady officer to be his eyes and ears in the crime scene. It also made me miss CSI.

The above-quoted passage really hit when i read it. It made me realise how much i take for granted the ability to simply hold something and feel its weight.

Imagine how your world would be if you can't feel anything...

The wind in your hair
The weight of a gold ring
The grass under your feet
The grip of a little child's hand
The comfort of a well worn jeans
The coarseness of the sand in a riverbed
The tickle of a tear rolling down your cheek
The strength of a hand massaging the back of your neck
The gentleness of someone's touch
The cold rain falling on your face
The comfort of the duvet
The softness of your bed
The warmth of a hug

*to UoE students - ok, ok, saying "LTB Building" is like saying "NIV version" - but then how? LT Building? No one will know what is that. The LTB? Then there'll be those who'll ask, "Which one" cuz there are ... at least 10 LTBs in the LTB Building!.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Let me let go - Faith Hill


Why is it that whenever I give up all hope, hope springs? I can't decide if it's great... or just cruel.


For once in my life - Vonda Shepherd

The whispered conversations in overcrowded hallways
The atmosphere as thrilling here as always
Feel the early morning madness
Feel the magic in the making
Why, everything's as if we never said goodbye

I've spent so many mornings just trying to resist you
I'm trembling now, you can't know how I've missed you
Missed the fairy tale adventure
In this ever spinning playground
We were young together

As if we never said goodbye - Andrew Webber

The scene is so familiar
But yet it feel so foreign
The squares which once were empty
Are now packed with students

I see them, i see their eyes
Eyes filled with excitement
Eyes glowing with anticipation
Eyes crying out of fear
Eyes teary from loneliness
Eyes shinning with joy
I see them, with eyes of envy

The joys of being a student
A vessel... waiting to be filled from the fountain of knowledge
A soul... waiting to be touched and enriched by others
A doorway... leading to the endless choices of opportunities
An outlet... to channel one's potentials and gifts
A chance... to discover who you really are.

I see them now
With eyes of envy.


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You make me sick - Pink

It's so sickening talking to a person who owns a car, a house, a job with a steady income, and who lives with his parents but who still alleges that he's broke.

What a b*gger....


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